Friday, February 12

1000 Euros Ticket Price Of "My Name Is Khan "

I Berlin "My Name Is Khan"'s Tickets Are selling for 1000 euro which are about Rs. 63,000.
Peoples are standing in queues from night in this freezing climate.

Thursday, February 11

Paypal Keeps its Indian Customer in Trouble

Paypal Is all the way keep stuted with some service in india which are making people really in trouble as the people how daily use to earn from abroad and convert it to cash.

Can refer more here

Reliance , Bharti To get into Mobile Apllication Industry

Reliance , Bharti Is now planing to get into mobile application industry by learning by apple , which could be a alternative source of revenue for them as the communication rates has been slashed so hard.

As Bharti is also Ready with all the arrangement as on Tuesday Bharti would be launching 1250 application.

Indore Airport

Gmail Banned In Iran

Gmail the best web based e-mail service is being banned in iran as the government had banned it because it was launching a state run alternative to the popular web-based email site that would "build trust between people and the government.
As right now it is being opposed by all the young people in Iran on youtube , digg etc.

As government is even could taking a revenge for west companies.

Nokia Planing to Launch Phone of Rs.500 or $10

Nokia the biggest giant of mobile industry is now more over thinking for the rural markets of asian countries as nokia is being planing to launch a phone of only Rs. 500 or $10 which is really a cheapest phone in market , having some life saving features and possible utilities.

" My Name is Khan " hits 60 Crore In 2 days

My Name is Khan, the upcoming movie of SRK is achieved 60 crore revenue just in 2 days from opening of advance booking .
i don;t know but it can even break the record of 3 idiot as this is being distributed by Fox Distribution which use to take t to international level.

Google into Broadband

Goole the world 's largest gaint on internet is now planning to provide internet facilities to internet users of U.S.A , which would be about 100 time than existing one , estimated to be 1 gb / sec
that too with good servers.

Tuesday, February 9

Buy Subex

Buy Subex :
Time Period To Hold :
1 to 2 years

Major Reason :
- Company got a favorable change in its promoters shares
- Price Movement is Optimum right now

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Corporate Website

China Closed Hackers Traning Website

China has closed what it claims to be the largest hacker training website in the country and arrested three of its members, domestic media reported on Monday.

Protect Yourself ( CONSUMER HELPLINE )

Just a call can make that seller afraid, like that when at petrol pump the servant does not put fuel amount of fuel is not to be leaven you could call for that , the more you call the more the government of india gets aware and even seller.

Future Bill Gates COMING

Who do you think is world's next bill gates ???

Mark Zuckerberg

Age : 25
Net Worth : $2.0 Billion
Belongs : Facebook

Sergey Brin
Age : 36
Net Worth : $15.3 Billion
Belongs : Google

Larry Page
Age : 37
Net Worth : $15.3 Billion
Belongs : Google

Source: Fobres

Sunday, February 7

Talk to Bollywood Celebrities Now

Use Orkut on Facebook

Ex-IIt Student made an application which allow us to be connected to our orkut friends from facebook . And once added can access without logging on to Orkut

Click here(MY ORKUT) to join the application and increase your power to connect (FREE)

Multi - tasking allowed for iphone

Install The Most of the below application from Cydia.



NASA Live Launch

NASA is streaming a live launch of Endeavour's flight, scheduled for launch Feb. 7
Can share you experience by commenting below.

Can even ask questions to astronauts in space via twitter @NASA

Indian Time - 3:09 PM (Kolkata)

Watch live on Web
Directly download the live streaming

Be Connected With The World !

Be Connected With The World !

Microsoft Removed From Facebook

Facebook rejects the banner ads got from Microsoft to facebook from many international markets and countries and even facebook is seeking about rejecting Microsoft within 30 days.
As being the best social networking the facebook could crete in own ads with are more user friendly.

indian Ministers Understood - THEY ARE FOOL

'Internal security should come under political oversight'
- Home Minister P Chidambaram

When They Are doing they had not realized that but when it come to there head its like it was always wrong ( what a statement of turning over Mr. P.Chidambaram


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