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Wednesday, September 30

Car Repair Cost Fall

Automakers are promising to give independent garages access to key information that is needed to repair newer-model cars. It's a voluntary deal that should see repair bills fall for all brands.

Apple At Iphone And ipod Conference

Steve Jobs returns as consumer electronics giant says its multimedia devices offer gaming experiences superior to Sony and Nintendo's dedicated devices; Madden NFL hits App Store today.

Tuesday, September 29

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Sunday, August 16

Karizma FI Coming Soon !

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Saturday, May 2

What helps you pick Right Person For You ?

Los Angeles, May 01: The so-called ‘love hormone’ oxytocin, which is linked to a mother’s tender feelings for her child and long-term devotion between partners, can play a crucial role in picking Mr (or Ms) Right, say researchers
A new study has found that men and women who smell a whiff of oxytocin rate strangers as more attractive.
When oxytocin courses through our blood, "we are more likely to see people we don’t know in a more positive light," says Angeliki Theodoridou, a psychologist at the University of Bristol, UK, and the study’s lead researcher.
To reach the conclusion, scientists tested 96 men and women in a double-blind placebo-controlled trial, reports New Scientist.
After participants got either a spritz of oxytocin or a placebo, they rated pictures of 48 men and women for attractiveness and 30 for trustworthiness. Her team also tested for mood.
Following the procedure, researchers found that volunteers who received oxytocin rated male and female strangers as both more attractive and trusting.
Researchers did not examine how oxytocin could affect social judgements, but Theodoridou speculates that the hormone dampens brain activity in a region involved in processing fearful emotions, called the amygdala.
Although Theodoridou’s study shows that oxytocin acts similarly on men and women when rating strangers, sex differences could emerge in real-world situations, says Jennifer Bartz, a psychologist at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York.
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Wednesday, April 29

Money management in a relationship

credit cards
New Delhi, April 29: How you handle money at the beginning of your marriage can have an enormous impact on the rest of your life.
"Fifty percent of all marriages end in dissolution and the number one reason for that is financial pressures," says debt expert Howard Dvorkin. There's evidence that the divorce rate has been diminishing for a couple of decades and may be closer to a third than a half. Dvorkin, who runs the Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has seen many marriages destroyed by money problems.
So, clear up the cash at the very beginning, and you can stop all of those arguments before they escalate out of control and build a prosperous future. Here's how...
Pay off the wedding expenses as soon as possible. The longer the debt lingers, the more it prevents you from accomplishing what you really want. Interest rates are increasing, so any debt you are carrying is likely to start costing more. Look at all the other debts you have as a couple and develop a plan for paying it off.

Develop a bill-paying system that works for you. It doesn't really matter whether you both agree to put all of your bills into the same shoebox, or use the latest in Internet banking, as long as you have a system that keeps you paying everything on time. Couples who are sharing their finances for the first time often wind up paying bills late just because they haven't got organized and that will affect their credit reports and scores.

Focus on your credit reputation. You'll both need good credit scores to buy that first family car or house. If one of you has a clean credit history and the other doesn't, keep those credit cards separate, says Dvorkin. The person who already has a good credit score can help the spouse build a better credit history by encouraging him or her to start with a secured credit card and then getting a regular credit card and making timely payments. Adding the "bad credit" spouse to the "good credit" spouse's cards won't help rebuild the weak credit score, but could hurt the good score.

Keep some checking accounts separate too. If you're both used to earning and spending your own money and have decided to kick in together for family finances, keep three checking accounts. One for each spouse and the household account, to which they both send money to cover shared expenses.

Talk about it all. Come up with a specific amount for purchases that are big and require you to discuss and agree to them together. Below that amount, each can spend the money without asking. New couples should have many discussions about their financial goals, too; it's easier to make the household money work if both partners are committed to the same ideal. Even if one spouse is the money person and the other isn't, set aside some time every month to discuss the family budget so both know where the money's coming from and where it's going. Even the spouse who doesn't manage the family money should know where it is.

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Tuesday, April 28

Brad Pitt had dumped Jennifer Aniston due lesbian fears

Melbourne, April 28: Making a rather surprising revelation, an investigative celebrity blogger and biographer has claimed that Brad Pitt dumped Jennifer Aniston because he thought she was a lesbian.

Writing on his blog, Ian Halperin, revealed that a source named Toni (who is reportedly a friend of Angelina Jolie) said Pitt started dating Jolie because his marriage to former ‘Friends’ star wasn’t fulfilling enough.

Halperin also claimed that the ‘Troy’ star finally pulled the string on his relationship with Aniston because she never wanted to have sex with him.

“Brad likes to have sex a lot and Jennifer never wanted to sleep with him,” The Daily Telegraph quoted Toni as saying.

He added: “He started to speculate that she was gay, though he never caught her with another woman or anything like that. He was very frustrated for a long time. Then he met Angelina, who is insatiable in bed, and the rest is history.”

He further revealed that stories about Jennifer not wanting kids were just a ploy by Jolie to justify the affair.

The insider said: “Brad always said that was a lie. Jen actually was ready to settle down and have kids the day Friends wrapped. That’s not why he left her. He really did love Jen but she just wasn’t fulfilling his needs.

“I don’t really know Jen and I found it hard to believe she swings both ways. When Brad confided his suspicions, I told him, ‘no way!’

“But when she started dating John Mayer, I thought hey maybe there is something to Brad’s theory. Everybody knows that Mayer is gay. Not a big secret. I can see the appeal of him hooking up with Jennifer but what does she have to gain by dating him if she’s straight?”
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Saturday, April 25

Agnee Indi-Rock Band Mp3 Free Download

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LG GD910 - A Wrist Mobile

LG's wrist set was on hand at the LG press conference and we managed a quick peek. We'll fill in all the blanks tomorrow once we can see it up close, but as a teaser, this thing looks sweet. It does, however, look a wee bit more refined in the interface and design departments compared to the peek we got last year. Short video of it taking a call after the break.

Friday, April 24

Kolkata Knight Riders v Rajasthan Royals Super Over -- KKR vs RR

Super Over As Played On 23/4/2009
You Can Download Super Over Between KKR & RR

Monday, April 20

Mobile Statstics

See Facts Of Indian Mobiles

Thursday, April 16

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Tuesday, April 14

The Top 10 Richest People On World

No. 1: Bill Gates / $40 billion / Microsoft

Software visionary regains title as the world's richest man despite losing $18 billion in the past 12 months. Stepped down from day-to-day duties at Microsoft last summer to devote his talents and riches to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Organization's assets were $30 billion in January. Dedicated to fighting hunger in developing countries, improving education in America's high schools and developing vaccines against malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS. Gates remains Microsoft chairman. Sells shares each quarter, redeploys proceeds via investment vehicle Cascade; more than half of fortune invested outside Microsoft. Stock down 45% in past 12 months.
No. 2: Warren Buffett / $37 billion / Investments

No. 3: Carlos Slim HelĂș / $35 billion / Telecoms

No. 4: Lawrence Ellison / $22.5 billion / Oracle

No. 5: Ingvar Kamprad / $22 billion / Ikea

No. 6: Karl Albrecht / $21.5 billion / Supermarkets

No. 7: Mukesh Ambani / $19.5 billion / Petrochemicals

No. 8: Lakshmi Mittal / $19.3 billion / Steel

No. 9: Theo Albrecht /$18.8 billion / Supermarkets

No. 10: Amancio Ortega / $18.3 billion / Fashion

Monday, April 13

Noddy celebrates 60th birthday

London, April 13: The popular Toyland hero, Noddy, is set for a makeover on its 60th birthday. The character created by renowned writer Enid Blyton in 1949, who started his life with a little red and yellow car, will now have a helicopter, submarine, hovercraft, and roller boots. He will even have a monster truck. “It’s an exciting step in Noddy’s evolution,” the Mirror quoted TV boss Mary Durkin as saying.The revamped Noddy and his pals will appear on Five on April 20.

Steve Jobs still involved with Apple, working on tablet

Steve Jobs may be off work at the moment, folks, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t working. That’s right, even after taking a leave of absence from Apple, co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs is still involved with the major projects that Apple is working on right now. According to AppleInsider, Jobs played a big part in the recent iPhone OS 3.0 release, and is apparently working on a tablet-size device, bigger than an iPhone but smaller than a MacBook.
Rumors about an Apple tablet have been flying around for ages, even more so lately, but if sources close to Jobs himself say he’s working on it, then there’s a good chance that there’s something going on. Also, recent reports of Apple ordering 10″ touchscreens might have something to do with it. All the signs are pointing towards a device being released in the next year or so, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.
Here’s an interesting thought, as well; if Steve Jobs was to spend longer outside of office, Apple apparently has a roadmap for the next few years already planned out.

TATA Nano - World's Cheaptest Car's Online Game

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Obama sees signs of economic progess

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama said on Friday the recession-hit U.S. economy was showing "glimmers of hope" despite remaining under strain and promised further steps in coming weeks to tackle the financial crisis.
"We've still got a lot of work to do," Obama told reporters after a meeting with economic and regulatory teams plus Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke. But he added, "We're starting to see progress."
Obama spoke a day after encouraging trade and jobless figures pushed stocks higher, and White House economic adviser Lawrence Summers predicted the economy would emerge from a sense of "freefall" by the middle of the year.
Less than three months into his presidency, Obama stopped short of declaring that the recession he inherited from predecessor George W. Bush was bottoming out.
But he offered a somewhat more upbeat tone than he has recently on the state of the economy, which is locked in its worst crisis in decades. "What we're starting to see is glimmers of hope across the economy," he said.
"Over the next several weeks, you'll be seeing additional actions by the administration," he added but gave no details.
Obama made no mention of "stress tests" being conducted at 19 major U.S. banks. The results, due at the end of April, are anxiously awaited by the financial markets.
The White House had said Obama was to receive a status report on those appraisals on Friday. Attempting to assess banks' capital needs, the government is testing how they would fare under more adverse economic conditions than are expected.

Sunday, April 12

Friday, April 10

Tallest buildings of Indore

Bombay hospital located at ring road of indore is the tallest building
of indore but as per the authority Treaure island the mall of Indore
is also equally heighted as Bombay Hpspital

Thursday, April 9

Almost naked rural boy

The rural boy changing after the summer bath in river !! He is almost
naked !! LOL

Tuesday, April 7

Qutoa of Commerce

"Commerce is nothing without money so start thinking about making money"

Wave Jumper " Play Free Games

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Tata Motors sells over 51,000 Nano booking forms in three days

Tata Motors sells over 51,000 Nano booking forms in three days: "Tata Motors sells over 51,000 Nano booking forms in three days

New Delhi, April 06: Tata Motors has received an overwhelming response to its Rs one-lakh wonder, Nano, selling over 51,000 booking forms in the last three days."

ZeeNews: Latest News, Breaking News India, Daily News, Current Headlines Online

ZeeNews: Latest News, Breaking News India, Daily News, Current Headlines Online: "Journalist hurls shoe at ChidambaramIn a shocking incident, a journalist hurled a shoe at Union Home Minister P Chidambaram during a press conference convened by the Congress party to unveil its blueprint to fig ..."

Tuesday, January 20

Google Images Flying ! Magic

Dear Freinds This Is The Wonderful Thimg I have Bring For You
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Sunday, January 18

Indian Economy - A Worst Economy Or A Worth Economy

Dear Friends

Indian Economy ! Worst Position Economy Or The Worth Position Economy ?

LLifestyle of country affect their economy very well as in India we have such a huge population but still our workforce is very low ,but in USA where population is very less compare to India , still they are more developed, all this is due to Lifestyle of the country . As we can see in America the lifestyle is that they use to live alone by their own this is their lifestyle but this is the major source for the development the America because the people live alone they have to earn their livings , that increases the participation rate ,which increases productivity which increases income and so increases the employment and so the cycle goes on .
Now i would like to have the example of India specially of rural India because still a large amount of our workforce is from rural areas , people in India live together in joint family like a farmer family having one head of the family and four children all above 18 , do work on farm with their father and having a land of about say 4 hectare on which they use to cultivate wheat and in the month of March they got the production of about 80 tonnes !!! But !!! This amount of production only needed three workers which means two member of their family are not required on farm ,This is also called Disguised Unemployment ,But think if that two people could do the work at some other place where labour is required ,they could increases their family income and Country's GDP also and if we see There are about 50 or more families working as farming in a single village ,and their are about More than 50,000 Village In India that means if take the minimum lower range data there are about 50 x 50,000 that is about 25,00,000 lakhs families working as farmers and if 2 people from every family that means 25,00,000 x 2 that is 50,00,000 lakhs people could increases the Productivity , But this is not seen in India because of Indian lifestyle .
but still i like Indian Economy because at the time of recession when USA is facing a bulk of losses , that time citizen of India's earning does not affect at large , because they are already Disguised Unemployed !

At conclusion if we see from the vision of Urban Citizens ,Indian Economy is a Worst Position Economy , But if we see from the vision of Rural Citizens India Is a Worth Position Economy .

Written By
Udit Mathur
11th Commerce

Saturday, January 17

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Thursday, January 15


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