Thursday, April 16

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Tuesday, April 14

The Top 10 Richest People On World

No. 1: Bill Gates / $40 billion / Microsoft

Software visionary regains title as the world's richest man despite losing $18 billion in the past 12 months. Stepped down from day-to-day duties at Microsoft last summer to devote his talents and riches to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Organization's assets were $30 billion in January. Dedicated to fighting hunger in developing countries, improving education in America's high schools and developing vaccines against malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS. Gates remains Microsoft chairman. Sells shares each quarter, redeploys proceeds via investment vehicle Cascade; more than half of fortune invested outside Microsoft. Stock down 45% in past 12 months.
No. 2: Warren Buffett / $37 billion / Investments

No. 3: Carlos Slim HelĂș / $35 billion / Telecoms

No. 4: Lawrence Ellison / $22.5 billion / Oracle

No. 5: Ingvar Kamprad / $22 billion / Ikea

No. 6: Karl Albrecht / $21.5 billion / Supermarkets

No. 7: Mukesh Ambani / $19.5 billion / Petrochemicals

No. 8: Lakshmi Mittal / $19.3 billion / Steel

No. 9: Theo Albrecht /$18.8 billion / Supermarkets

No. 10: Amancio Ortega / $18.3 billion / Fashion

Monday, April 13

Noddy celebrates 60th birthday

London, April 13: The popular Toyland hero, Noddy, is set for a makeover on its 60th birthday. The character created by renowned writer Enid Blyton in 1949, who started his life with a little red and yellow car, will now have a helicopter, submarine, hovercraft, and roller boots. He will even have a monster truck. “It’s an exciting step in Noddy’s evolution,” the Mirror quoted TV boss Mary Durkin as saying.The revamped Noddy and his pals will appear on Five on April 20.

Steve Jobs still involved with Apple, working on tablet

Steve Jobs may be off work at the moment, folks, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t working. That’s right, even after taking a leave of absence from Apple, co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs is still involved with the major projects that Apple is working on right now. According to AppleInsider, Jobs played a big part in the recent iPhone OS 3.0 release, and is apparently working on a tablet-size device, bigger than an iPhone but smaller than a MacBook.
Rumors about an Apple tablet have been flying around for ages, even more so lately, but if sources close to Jobs himself say he’s working on it, then there’s a good chance that there’s something going on. Also, recent reports of Apple ordering 10″ touchscreens might have something to do with it. All the signs are pointing towards a device being released in the next year or so, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.
Here’s an interesting thought, as well; if Steve Jobs was to spend longer outside of office, Apple apparently has a roadmap for the next few years already planned out.

TATA Nano - World's Cheaptest Car's Online Game

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Obama sees signs of economic progess

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama said on Friday the recession-hit U.S. economy was showing "glimmers of hope" despite remaining under strain and promised further steps in coming weeks to tackle the financial crisis.
"We've still got a lot of work to do," Obama told reporters after a meeting with economic and regulatory teams plus Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke. But he added, "We're starting to see progress."
Obama spoke a day after encouraging trade and jobless figures pushed stocks higher, and White House economic adviser Lawrence Summers predicted the economy would emerge from a sense of "freefall" by the middle of the year.
Less than three months into his presidency, Obama stopped short of declaring that the recession he inherited from predecessor George W. Bush was bottoming out.
But he offered a somewhat more upbeat tone than he has recently on the state of the economy, which is locked in its worst crisis in decades. "What we're starting to see is glimmers of hope across the economy," he said.
"Over the next several weeks, you'll be seeing additional actions by the administration," he added but gave no details.
Obama made no mention of "stress tests" being conducted at 19 major U.S. banks. The results, due at the end of April, are anxiously awaited by the financial markets.
The White House had said Obama was to receive a status report on those appraisals on Friday. Attempting to assess banks' capital needs, the government is testing how they would fare under more adverse economic conditions than are expected.

Sunday, April 12

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