Thursday, January 14

5 Nutrients Rare In Indians

Zinc :- 
Lack of zinc creates problem of brain and skin, even weaken the immune system. these nutrition is rarely found at normal value in Indian because it is found only in meat and fish. 

Solution :- Baked Beans , Cashews

Vitamin B12 :-
important for maintaing energy level and stamina. Any plant based Food did not contains Vit. B12

Solution :- 
Medicine containing Vit. B12

Fiber :- 
It reduces Cholesterol , normalizes blood sugar.

Solution :- 
Eat Salad Whole Pulses 
Away from White bread

Protein :-
it is equal to our energy level , for heathy skin , nails etc. deficiency leads to wear and tear in muscles. 

Solution :-
Pulses , beans, milk product , Soya Panner is the great thing.

Iron :- 
low iron equals to low hemoglobin which means less capacity to carry oxygen in blood as a result weakness and decreases in immune system

solution :- 
Green leafy vegetables, bajra flour even Vit. C should be taken to absorb it.


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